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A lot of the sites shown here include Client editable pages which allow the client to change prices, text, stock items etc., on the site without any knowledge of building a website.

Included in some of the sites is a 'Guestbook' or some other form of visitor input page.

This means that Fyefield cannot be responsible for all the content of the pages you may view.

Bob Carolgees

Bob Carolgees - Candles Plus

"In my shop I have been developing and designing personalised candles for years, but I wanted to allow people to design their own, online.

'Probably impossible' I kept hearing, then I spoke to Dave Jackson at Fyefield."

Online Design, Shop, Card Payments, & Register

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Ian Van Temperley

Ian Van Temperley - Stunts IVT

"In our Industry image is everything, so having a great website is very important to us.

Having Fyefield build and maintain our website has kept us in the number one position."

Slideshows, Video Links

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